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Mojito. Bacardi based cocktail with mint, lime & sugar.
(Choice of flavours: classic, mango, raspberry).

Daiquiri’s. Frozen cocktails, perfect for warm days!
(Choice of flavours: strawberry, mixed berry, mango, passionfruit)

Bellini. Vanilla Vodka & Prosecco based cocktail.
(Choice of flavours: strawberry, cherry, peach, raspberry)


 French Martini.
Vanilla Vodka, Chambord, lime & pineapple juice

Pornstar Martini (P).
Vodka, Passoa, Passionfruit puree, passionfruit syrup & orange

Expresso Martini.
Coffee based cocktail with vanilla vodka, & Kuhlua or Tia Maria

Lychee Martini
Vodka, Lychee liquor, cranberry lime juice

Classic Cocktails.

Vodka, Cointreau. cranberry juice, lime & orange bitters

Long Island Ice Tea (P).
5 white spirits shaken with lemon juice & topped with cola

Pina Colada.
Bacardi & Malibu shaken up with pineapple, cream & coconut puree

Mai Tai.
The rum based cocktail with orange curaco, orgeat syrup orange & pineapple juice

Old Jamaican.
Appleton Vx rum, angostura bitters, lime & ginger beer

Dark ‘n’ Stormy.
Kracken Rum with giner beer bitters & lime juice

Tequila, Tripple Sec, lime juice, sugar syrup with salt rim

Disoranno Sours.
Disoranno, lemon juice, egg white & sugar (bitters optional)

Melon Cooler.
Midori strawberry liquor, peach schnapps, apple puree & pineapple juice

Signature Cocktails

Baileys & Mint Caramel
Baileys, crème de menth, caramel syrup, cream & toasted marsmallows

Fruity Bird
Brickmans gin, blue curaco, apple puree, raspberry syrup, grenadine & mixed fruits

Proper 47
Proper 12 Whiskey, maple syrup, peach bitters, angostura bitters, peach puree, well stirred

Rum & Raspberry Ripple
Appleton white rum, st. germaine liquor, Raspberry syrup, lemon juice

Rhubard & Berry Fruits
Rhubard & ginger liquor, Chambord, blackberry syrup, blueberry puree, rhubard bitters & lemon juice

Pink Gin Mojito (P)
Pink gin, strawberry puree, raspberry syrup in mojito based form topped up with Prosecco

Gin Based Cocktails

Gin Fizz
Gin flavoured cocktail made with crushed ice & Prosecco (Choice of flavours: Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Passionfruit, Rhubarb

Gin Sin
Gordon’s gin, Chambord, cranberry, lime juice & strawberry puree

Bombay gin, crème de mure, lemon juice & lemon bitters

Crescent Collins (P)
Boodies gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup & soda water

Premium Gin List

Gunpowder £4.85
Malfys £3.90
Monkey 47 £5.00
Hoxton £3.60
Daffys £4.20
Brockmans £3.60
Jawbox £4.10
Boodles £4.10
Boodles Mulberry £3.90
Gordons Pink Gin £3.80

Whiskey Based Cocktails

Old Fashioned
Blend of Whiskey, old fashioned bitters, & sugar syrup stirred well

Manhattan (P)

Bourbon or Rye whiskey, Martini Rosso & angostura bitters

Whiskey Sours

Whiskey shaken up with lemon juice, egg white, sugar syrup (Bitters optional)

Jacks Apple

Jack Daniel Tennesse fire, Campari, orange bitters & fizzy apple juice

Premium Whiskey List

Green Spot £5.30
Caol Isla 12 year £5.40
Red Breast 12 year £5.30
Glennfiddach 12 year £4.20
Quietman 8 year £4.80
Dubliner Honeycomb £3.80
Bulleit Bourbon £3.90
Bulliet Rye £3.90