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Misiones de Rengo Sauvignon Blanc £12.95. (Chile) 
Green pepper, asparagus and a fine combination of lime and pink grapefruit. Well structured, with good acidity.

 Murphy Vineyards Chardonnay £13.95. (Australia) Refreshingly tropical with hints of melon and Hawaiian pineapple leading into zippy fresh Chardonnay fruit.

 Tamari Pinot Grigio £15.95. (Argentina)
Pure aromas of lime zest, vanilla and a touch of spice for a refreshing finish.

 Most Wanted Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc £17.95 (New Zealand)
Burst of tropical fruits – guava, passion fruit & a hint of ripe melon, complimented by a vibrant acidity. Well structured with a goof texture and length.

 Château de Cleray ‘Baronne de Cleray’ Muscadet Sevre Main Sur Lie £19.95.  (France)
Steely and focused, this shows it’s class from the very first aromas of well defined citrus and stone fruits. Dry and incisive on the palate, with great length.


Misions de Rengo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon £12.95 (Chile)
Red fruit accompanied by notes of cinnamon, mucha and touches of tobacco.  Blended with medium volume and a pleasant finish.

Murphy Vineyards Shiraz £13.95 (Australia)
Splashes of chocolate, spice and juicy strawberries on the nose.  Imposing dark sweet fruit, closing with an impressive length.

Carmen Reserva Merlot £14.95 (Chile)
Blackberry, confectionery, kalamara olives and white pepper.  Well integrated with fine-grained tannins and ripe clean fruit.  A soft bouquet with vivid flavours.

Tamari Malbec £14.95 (Argentina)
Fresh summer fruit nicely balanced with oak from ageing.  Hints of creamy strawberry yogurt and toasty vanilla, notes of cherry jam.

Château Le Petit Courret Rouge £19.95 (France)
Better known as Claret.  A classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to produce a wine with firm structure and a supple, lively finish.


Kissing Tree White Zinfandel £13.95 (USA)  
A lively, fruity Rosé wine with aromas of red summer fruits and an attractive sweet crispness on the palate.


Calogera Prosecco £18.00 (Italy)
Fruity and flowery, with scents of acacia flowers, apple, white peach and citrus fruits.  Fresh, delicate, fragrant and well-balanced.

Moet & Chandon £55.00 (France)
Radiant aromas, revealing bright white-fleshed fruits, citrus, floral naunces and elegant blonde notes. The palate is seductive, richly flavourful and smooth, followed by a delicately fresh crispiness, to reveal the magical balance of champagne.

Mini Selection

Kissing Tree Chardonnay £4.50 (Australia)
Ripe and rounded aromas, with sun blessed peach and tropical fruits.

Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio £4.50 (Italy)
Mouth-watering with zingy fresh fruits and citrus tones.

Misiones de Rengo Sauvignon Blanc £4.75 (Chile)
Green Pepper, asparagus and a fine combination of lime and pink grapefruit.  This wine is well structured with good natural acidity.

Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc £4.75 (New Zealand)
Dry, zingy and crisp with notes of citrus, passionfruit and gooseberry.

Kissing Tree Merlot £4.50 (Chile)
Lingering aromas, well balanced with mouth watering blackcurrent fruits.

Kissing Tree Shiraz £4.50 (Australia)
Enticing spicy blackberry notes, with smooth and lightly spicy plum fruit flavours.

Misiones de Rengo Cabernet Sauvignon £4.50 (Chile)
A wonderful deep colour with aromas of ripe fruit, spices and chocolate.

Trivento Reserve Malbec £4.75 (Argentina)
Plum and raspberry jam fragrances meld elegantly with vanilla notes from the 6 months maturing in French oak barrells.  Well rounded, revealing sweeter notes and a smooth finish.

Kissing Tree Zinfandel Rosé £4.50 (California)
Lightly delicate, with fresh strawberry and tropical fruit flavours.

Canti Prosecco £5.95 (Italy) 200ml
Fine and persistant perlage with a pleasant and aromatic frangrance. Dry and pleasantly fruity.